Wedding ceremonies

Wedding ceremonies


A ceremony is a sacred space in our lives. We come together with friends and family for a special experience. Woven into these experiences is the love we have for each other.

Marriage is a sacred contract between two people. In marriage you commit to foster the love that brings you together so that it may deepen and grow as the years pass. Love is a spiritual experience which is demonstrated in many physical ways in life. The marriage ceremony gives your love a new quality. This quality can be compared to a rosebud bursting with potential as it prepares to become a gloriously full bloom.

Like the blooming rose, in a marriage ceremony you release into the world the love that has been nurtured between you since you met. Your friends and relatives attending the wedding witness this love, and two of them sign your documents acknowledging the witnessing. Witnessing is a special task which involves not simply watching on, but entering into this love and becoming part of it.

The task of the marriage celebrant is to assist you to walk the final steps to this public declaration of your love. While love between two people by its very nature is a private thing, the mystery of love is that it can never be contained. As your marriage celebrant I assist all those present to contribute to the quality of the love that is shared.

The ancient Greeks had four words for love.

  • Eros : Erotic physical love which fundamentally arises from the procreative urge to continue the human race
  • Phileo : Brotherly and sisterly love
  • Storge : Love of family, community and nation
  • Agape : Divine love, unification

In a healthy marriage each of these facets of love is experienced and expressed.

I can assist you to create a beautiful ceremony regardless of your beliefs, or non-beliefs. Sometimes one partner wants to acknowledge their religion, or spiritual beliefs. I can assist you to do this in a way that does not distract from the beauty of the ceremony.

Together we can explore your own ideas and design the perfect ceremony that celebrates this very special turning point in your life as one way of life ends, and a new one begins.

WeddingMar09“Our family went to a wedding last year and the celebrant read empty words from her page, when you spoke your words were full of meaning, we were deeply moved and so was our family. We asked for a simple ceremony, and it was, but it was also full. Thank you for taking such care with our ceremony, you did make it sacred.”

KilpatrickRing“Thank you soo much for all your hard work and helping us to make our day so special. You did such a wonderful job, we received endless complements on how great you were.” 

J and K

Photo by Tim Moorehead

I also offer an alternative to the Registry Office marriage service. You can have your basic civil ceremony at the Sapphire Coast, on the beach or in a park, or even in my home any day or evening of the week view photos . The couples who choose this option say that it was very intimate and private.

I am also very supportive of same gender marriages. I did the first wedding in our region which was reported in the local paper.

The cost for my marriage ceremonies is $750, extra fees are charged for extra services and travel. This fee covers the time involved in our meeting and discussions, writing your personalised ceremony, processing all the official documents and providing a PA system which you can use to play your music.

If your prospective spouse is overseas I can provide a celebrant letter for your prospective spouse or spouse visa plan. When you lodge your Notice of Intended Marriage you will pay a deposit of $250, with the balance due on the day before your ceremony. It doesn’t matter if only one of you signs the Notice. The Notice is valid with one signature. Your partner can sign later. You are very welcome to call me to discuss your wedding plans.

Fill in your Notice of Intended Marriage and bring it with you when you meet with me, or email it for a Skype or Facetime meeting.