Naming ceremonies

Naming ceremonies

A ceremony is a sacred space in our lives. We come together with friends and family for a special experience. Woven into these experiences is the love we have for each other.

This ceremony is for those who like the idea of baptism or christening but do not like the idea of going to a church. Ideally this ceremony should be performed when your baby is about six weeks of age. It has a strengthening effect on the soul and spirit of your newborn.

This ceremony is also performed for older children who were unable to be baptised as newborns. Children love ritual and this ceremony gives them a sense that they have a unique place and purpose in this world.

This ceremony can also be performed for an adult. It may be a celebration of a name change, or it could be dedication to a new purpose in life.

The ancient Greeks used the word, baptizo to signify the dyeing of a garment. So this sacred ceremony can give a new ‘colour’ to the life of the person.

The ceremony itself can be a home Christening using prayers and blessings, or it can a naming ceremony containing meaningful poems and promises.